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FAST XFI EFI Controller

FuelAirSparkTechnology-FAST- XFI Engine Management System

FAST (SpeedPro) Electronicstmoffers the the new 2.0 XFI Engine Management System. This state-of-the-art system allows the engine tuner to take precise control of an EFI engine's operating parameters. The XFI unit operates in bank-to-bank or sequential fuel injection mode that allows the sequential firing of each injector once per combustion cycle. Another XFI feature allows the system to run "closed loop" with feedback from a wide-band oxygen sensor. For the ultimate in engine power and efficiency, you can program each individual cylinders timing and fuel control.


• Tuning Wizard™

• On-Board Diagnostics

• Switch Select-able Tune-Ups

• Forced Induction Boost Control

• Torque Converter Lockup Control

• Air Condition Idle Function

• 4 & 5 Bar Map Sensing

• Calibratible TPS & MAP Sensors

• Scalable 3D Table Features

• Enhanced Data Logging

• Easy-to-Navigate Software

The FAST™ XFI system also has enhanced data-logging capabilities including fuel pressure, oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature and increased data logging memory. The XFI is compatible with all common ignition types including GM HEI, LT1, LS1, LS2, LS6, DIS and Ford EDIS (4.6L & 5.4L), Ford Thick Film.

XFI™ is a new engine management system from FuelAirSpark Technology, a division of TCI®, that elevates automotive and morine performance to a new level by taking precise control of an engine's operating parameters.

The XFI is a true Speed-Density system that is offered as a base unit with several upgrade options and is engineered for maximun performance in a variety of engine management applications.

Included in the system is C-ComWP™, an easy-to-use software program that runs on virtually any PC and allows the precise calibration of all engine management functions.<

Compatible With Nearly Any EFI engine. The FAST XFI™ EFI system is compatible with all common factory EFI engines, including GM TPI, LT1, GENIII/LS1–LS7, Ford 5.0/EFI Windsor and Modular 4.6/5.4, and Dodge 5.7/6.1 Hemi applications. And if you want to build your very own mega-horsepower EFI small block or big block from scratch in the quest for drag strip supremacy, FAST™ has the components to adapt nearly any engine to state-of-the-art, race-winning EFI using the XFI™ ECU and one of our 4150 or Dominator style 4-barrel throttle bodies. Ever wondered how a 426 Hemi, 351C, or L88 rat motor would run with fuel injection? FAST™ has the components to help you find out*! A sixteen-injector unit is even available for ultra-high horsepower race engines that can’t get enough fuel with a mere eight fuel injectors.




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