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EFI Conversions

We start with a clean single plane intake supplied by the customer. The manifold isfixtured in a mill and the center to center measurement of each port is determined usingthe digital indicator. A 3/4" hole is drilled into each runner. Injector bosses are pressed into place and set at thecorrect depth to keep the nozzle tip recessed from the port. The bosses are then TIGwelded into place. The manifold is then turned upside down, the excess boss material iscut away, and a porting tool is used to finish the job. Once the intake is back on itsfeet, we use our own hi-flow rail stock to create custom fuel rails. Stanchions are thenwelded or bolted to the manifold and threaded to support the fuel rails. Next any holesnecessary for sensors or vacuum accessories are drilled and tapped. Injector and mainharnesses are modified or custom built to the manifold and customer requiremments.

Big Block Chevy for Big Chief heads with 2000 cfm throttle body

351W in powdercoat blue

Hemi w/purple

Hemi dual quad

Team G SB Chevy

Dove FE Ford Intake

460 Ford, double fuel rails, 2000 cfm throttle body. Twin turbos and alcohol come next

Conversions are shipped assembled on supplied intake, billet with1000 cfm progressive throttle body, high flow fuel rails, stainless braid crossover lines,Bosch fuel pressure regulator, Injectors to suit, Choice of ECU, harness, all sensors, software, programming cable, and fuelpump.

From $3250 complete

EFI Conversions


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